20 Tips to Lose Your Weight

You need to understand very well, sure-fire way to lose weight is eat less and exercise more. However, researchers have a variety of other ways to lose weight.Variety is not necessarily the way you live all. Choose the way that you think is quite logical. Here are 20 tips to lose weight : 

1. Someone who diligently acupuncture once a week will reduce weight by 4.5 kg or 10 pounds in 3 months. 
2. To find out how many calories you need, try to multiply your weight by 14 pounds or 6.3 kilograms. 
3. Sprinkle cinnamon into yogurt every day to burn fat. The spice is a powerful metabolism burning. Half a teaspoon a day is enough to burn fat /kilo for a month. 
4. Lunch break away from excessive food consumption. With lunch you consume 250 fewer calories a day than those who eat while working. 
5. Laugh for 10-15 minutes a day increases energy consumption by 280 calories. 
6. Glass of carrot juice every day helps you lose 1.8 kg over 12 weeks compared with individuals who did not consume the juice. Factor high in fiber and nutrients that help burn fat. 
7. Consumption of calcium supplements. That way you will lose 2.6 percent fat than those who do not. 

8. To burn more calories, listen to music increases in tempo during the exercise. This way help keep the body from fatigue. 
9. Red meat can help you lose weight. Red meat contained in many proteins that help you maintain muscle mass and burns four times more fat into energy. 
10. Do not exercise alone, invite your friends and family. That way, you can eliminate a third heavier than you go it alone. Consistency motivation factor to excess during exercise with family or friends. 
11 . Trying to get used to consuming red pepper. Kind of vegetables that contain peppers Capsaicin, the chemical that gives a unique taste to the peppers and increase Resting Metabolic Rate ( RMR ) by 25 percent you . 
12. Stress and pressure in the workplace is the biggest cause of excessive food consumption. It can be removed by way of breathing for two minutes. That would reduce hunger. 
13. Exercise in the morning can help you to burn fat faster. 
14. Consumption of protein -rich snacks to contain 250 calories a day in between meals such as for example, 185 g of canned tuna with low-fat mayonnaise spread on crispy bread. With snacks like that you can lose weight by up to 30 percent. 
15. Turn off the TV when you eat. By turning off the TV, you put some disorder that makes you stop eating. This habit can be cut 3.5 kg ( almost 8 pounds ) of weight every year. 
16. Consumption of soy may also lose weight. Research shows soy protein from interacting with receptors in the brain to tell you the feeling of satiety. 
17 . Reduce your portions by 20 percent. Almost most of you tend to consume more food than they should. When measuring an individual generally consume 27 percent more food. 
18. You lazy out for exercise, try a treadmill. Is considered the best tool to burn calories in a short time. 
19. Morning breakfast rich in vitamins and proteins such as melon and eggs very well in order to support the activities during the day.

20. Listen to music while eating makes you eat less because the chewing factor with a more leisurely pace. It makes you stop eating when they feel full.