Docmedico - Diabetes can raise the risk of other diseases such as heart disease and stroke. But calm, to prevent and control this disease is actually not difficult.

"The most important exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Either way fun we can prevent diabetes, " said Chairman of the Indonesian Diabetes Association, Prof. Sidartawan Soegondo MD, PhD, FACE, in a press conference that World Diabetes Day celebration held company Kalbe Farma, in the Field Central Jakarta, Sunday ( 11/10/2013 ).

According to Prof Sidartawan, a fun exercise to prevent diabetes include gymnastics, swimming, walking, and dancing. In addition it must be offset by excessive eating.

" Actually, can eat whatever origin are limited in number, aka not a lot, " he continued .

Moreover, if it get diabetes and prevent rising blood sugar is so so uncontrollable medicine doctor recommended.

" No drug dose. Later adapted to the patient's condition, " said Prof Sidartawan.


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