Docmedico - Has become a habit for most people to immediately take large amounts of food when you feel hungry. Get to know better what the cause appears excessive hunger, you do not necessarily want to eat and the hungry could emerge as something else.

" Hunger is a sign of excessive food intake the body needs. If you are too busy and give you pause too long between meals, then at the next meal you will be very hungry, " said Namita Jain, clinical health experts, as quoted by the Times of India, Sunday ( 10/11/2013 ).

Therefore , it is important to understand your body clock respectively. Know the difference between actual hunger and stomach contractions. In addition, it is also important to recognize whether you are experiencing is simply hunger or thirst.

Sometimes the body can transmit signals to the brain that you 're hungry, even though you 're actually just thirsty. This is because food has a lot of the liquid inside. This condition often leaves people confused and would eat only when they need fluid intake can be obtained from drinking water. Before this ambiguity confuses you, make sure your fluid intake is always awake every day.

To ensure you do not experience excessive hunger when implementing a diet program, take advantage of the high fiber food intake as a substitute for coconut water and green tea and butter milk, but it can also with healthy snacks such as soy beans or energy bars.


It is important to remember that in order to prevent excessive hunger during the day, be sure you do not skip breakfast in the morning. Breakfast with a menu of complex carbohydrates and lean protein will help keep stomach full throughout the day until lunch time.
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