Keep Your Kidneys by Not Eating Fast Food

DocMedico - Lose belly fat and limiting the consumption of fast food, especially those containing phosphorus such as food or fast messaging between not only reduces the burden of the scales.  A new study also stated that the reduction of phosphorus intake may reduce the risk of kidney disease.

As reported by Web MD, on Tuesday ( 11/05/2013 ), phosphorus is often added to canned foods to add flavor and extend the life of food. Lead researcher, Dr . Alex Chang of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore added a naturally high content of phosphorus is also often found in dairy, animal protein and vegetable protein.

However, out of observation of 500 obese adults who are required to live a healthy lifestyle is known that reduced their waist circumference and limit the consumption of foods containing phosphorus reported decreased levels of a particular protein in the urine, ie albuminuria, who is known as one of the early symptoms kidney disease.

Benefit that has been felt in just over six months study period. In six months, the participants who experienced an average reduction in waist circumference by 1.7 inches also experienced a reduction in albuminuria protein in the urine by 25 percent. While the participants experienced a reduction as much as 314 milligrams of phosphorus excretion, albuminuria in the urine protein was also reduced by up to 11 percent.

Several other studies have previously revealed that the weight loss program may slow the progression of kidney disease, but the study of the U.S. to make sure this is the first reduction in abdominal fat and phosphorus consumption as a way to prevent early kidney disease. This was stated by Dr . Joseph Vassalotti of the National Kidney Foundation.

"The rule of thumb is if it's packaged foods specifically it is certain that the food contains high levels of phosphorus. Whereas 90 percent of phosphorus additives are absorbed by the body, " said Vassalotti.

To limit phosphorus consumption , observe the label and look for the words ' phos ' which is listed on the label. The article indicates the phosphorus content in the packaged food. " But be careful because phosphorus is not merely included in food labels, so you should know what are the foods that contain phosphorus, " Vassalotti suggestions .

Foods that contain high levels of phosphorus include:
- Processed foods like cola, cereals and drinking water were given certain sense
- Dairy products such as cheese, milk, cream, ice cream and yogurt
- Animal protein such as deli meats, organ meats, oysters and sardines
- Dried beans, peas, peanuts and seeds, including a peanut butter and other peanut butter kind, chocolate, either in the form of drinks and chocolate pudding.

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