These Foods Cause Your Skin to be Damaged 

DocMedico - Having skin wrinkles, dull, dark circles appear under the eyes is a bitch. But you know, the food we eat can also make an effect on the skin.Yes, maybe you have to be careful of what you eat from now. Because, there are intake when consumed in excess can damage skin health. Do not believe ? The following reviews interestingly.
1. Sugar

Eating too much sugar intake can cause skin problems. High sugar levels in the blood can damage collagen in skin -friendly protein causes wrinkles and fine lines. If it's hard to resist the desire, you can get around to eating fruits.

2. Salt

Limit consumption of salt if you are aged over 40s and worried about your skin health. Because the effects of too much salt will ease under the eyes become swollen. In addition, excess salt causes water retention and faces seem to look older.

3. Caffeine

If you are in love with coffee or any caffeine intake, you will be disappointed here. Because caffeine increases the production of cortisol in the body and produces the effects of aging. Diuretic effects of consuming caffeine content also increases the possibility of dehydration and can cause wrinkles and make you look old.

4. Foods with saturated fats

For those of you who love healthy skin, you should avoid eating fatty foods saturated. That's because it prevents water entering fat cells reach you. Where can make you look old and dull .

5. Foods high glycemic content

High glycemic foods such as white bread, pasta and potatoes should be restricted you still want elastic skin. In addition, the intake can also increase blood sugar and ultimately accelerate the aging process by breaking down collagen and elastic, two proteins essential for skin health. Every time you feel confused to consume carbohydrates , choose foods intake wheat like bagels, tortillas, and spinach.

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